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Welcome to the newly re-designed (again) NFSAddons! The new design is not 100% finished yet, so if you find any broken links, images, download/upload problems, or anything that just looks odd, PLEASE send me an email, and let me know. I will have a news post within the next few days listing all the new/updated features. Thanks!
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After a four-year hiatus, Atari made the surprise announcement in March that it would finally be delivering the long-awaited sequel to 2006's open-world racer Test Drive Unlimited by September this year.

You'll have to wait a bit longer before you can take this baby for a spin.

Now, the publisher has revealed that it will be delaying the release of Test Drive Unlimited 2 to Q1 2011. The move was done to provide developer Eden Games more time to polish the game's connected console multiplayer experience.

Eden Games studio manager David Nadal said the extra time will also allow his team to take into account consumer feedback. The game's beta has also been pushed back to coincide with the new release schedule and will be confirmed by Atari in the coming weeks.

As consolation, the publisher announced it will reward gamers already signed up to the beta with an as-yet-unannounced exclusive in-game item.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will see players racing in locations that include the Spanish party hotspot Ibiza and the paradise island of Oahu from the original title. In addition to new vehicles, race types, and a revamped single-player mode that can be played online or off, the game will give players the chance to build and grow in-game clubs composed of friend networks.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
The german TDU fanpage TDU Central (not to mix up with the same named english forum) released some preview information today about TDU2. They claim that there resource is the finnish gaming magazine Gamereactor. But so far I could not find proof of the posted information. That's why I consider it as rumors right now. In any case, here is the information they are reporting:

The game will have the following features:

- A Passenger Mode

- The roofs of cabriolets automatically close if it starts to rain

- The headlight beams of cars will be automatically activated at night

- Roads will be lit up at night

- Exclusive cars just for clubs

- In races you not only earn money, but also experinces points

- Offroading with AWD vehicles

- High Detailed dashboards

- Possible to watch braking ability and traction (seems you can wear out your brakes in this game), there also will be a G Meter for the Hardcore Mode (TDU's inbuild semi SIM physics mode)

They also say that Eden trys to give you the feeling of actually being a millionare, so we can expect more exclusive life-style as main theme of the game, familar to what TDU1 already shows off. The Factor of a club seem also to become more important in TDU2, which makes me hope that it will actually work across all platforms.

There also some information about the locations... this time it will be O'ahu as well as Ibiza, so you will get two islands. By measurement Ibiza is smaller than Oahu, but it will be refreshing to see.

There are also rumors of a light damage system for the car. I just hope its possible to disable that for all those that don't want their car geting crumbled by random nerd that bump in you at 200 mph just for fun.

And last but not least these rumours claim that TDU2 will be made for PC, XBOX360 and PS3 and that it should be avalible for fall 2010. So if any of this is true, we all know what we want for christmas presents by now.

How long have we waited for Atari to anounce the successor to our favorit island game? The wait time of more then three and a half years is over. TDU2 is offical ancouned and we have now even a offical web site for TDU2.
The game will be developed by Eden Software again. With gives us hope that Eden will use there development experinces on TDU and make a even better and hopeful more bugfree successor on a Massiv Open Online Race game.

We will keep you up to date as soon more offical information about TDU2 arrives. So state tuned!
on TDU Central forum some community member just came across somebody on a russian page who seem to sell a car convert of a 3d model thats not even his own.

Source can be found here:

We from TDU ADDONS recomment you to NOT buy this car and tell anyone you know to do the same. It is fully illegal that this addon is selled. Because A. the 3d model is not the covnerters one. B. there seem to be no permission given. C. the converter does not have a linces to make money with a BMW branded product. And last but not least D. a such act is truely respectless and should NOT be supported by any means!
Djey just released the new version of TDU editing Tools.

The new release allows a more simple way to edit BNK files with an upgraded file browser, converting 2DB files to DDS graphics (and back), view and edit the TDU car database to perform a load of changes that are allowed offline and online, make automatic addon car installers, and much more. The tool is a must have download for every TDU enthusiast. I personally could not imagine how to handle todays addon cars for TDU without this glory .NET 2.0 Framework based program.

You can download his tool in our download area, or just visit his official web site with can be found here:

And from my side and in the name of the community I like to thank Djey for sharing his hard work with us. Thank you! You're the man of the day!
My trail thougth tdu addoncars ended for now, and rised the offered collection of downloads over 140. Those are for sure not all avalible models out there but the largest chunk of them is now here. I hope you enjoy it and if you have maybe a own addoncar feel free to upload it to our page, we will gladly add it to the collection.
The amount of our offered addons is constantly rising, special on the car sector. To be more exact today we reached the first 100 offered addoncars on the page. We look forward for the next 100 to come. Thanks to the community who makes and uses them.
The most improtent tool in the TDU editing history reaches Version 1.11.0 today. Dje realsed today the new version, with allows you to pack and unpack BNK files, Edit IK and Camera Position for various cars, Edit names, perfomance and location placements of cars as well as helping you to install downlaoded addon cars on a easyer and more costum friendly way.

When you are into TDU Modding, this tool is a must have one.
I descided that thanks to my not impressive english skills I should do the rating on the cars diffrently from now. And there concetrate on showing screenshots instade of writing a text with are not exactly what they should be.
Its True the TDU Centrals Forums are back online, and that means that all so far posted review cars can now probally be visited and downloaded. I repeat me in the name of the team again, that we would love to help hosting those addons. But out hands are tied by the mod Authors with only want to see hotlinks over to there threads in the TDU Central forum. We still hope that this going to change in future as we belvie we have the best offering for TDU mod hosting.

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